Wireless Protector Enterprise 1.3 โปรแกรมป้องกันระบบเครือข่ายไวเลส(Wireless)สำหรับองกรค์


Wireless Protector Enterprise 1.3 Wireless Protector Enterprise:เป็นโปรแกรมเพิ่มความปลอยภัยสำหรับระบบเครือข่าย WiFi สำหรับองกรค์ เป็นตัวโปรแกรมจัดการด้านความปลอยภัยให้เครือข่ายเรา Wireless Protector is windows based management and security software that automatically disable WiFi adapters on computers that connected to the Company network LAN and Re-Enable WiFi when the LAN cable is disconnected from the wireless computers. The enterprise version supports unlimited wireless computers.

Wireless Protector is acting as a server to all protected wireless computers and it needs to be installed only once on any active windows platform that connected by LAN cable to the company network. The software powerful engine can run as windows program or windows service and protect any number of wireless computers by installing a remote service on the wireless computers. It is also monitoring the protected wireless computers for active wireless auto switch Protection. The software provides easy-to-use network administration interface, reports, exporting capabilities and database support. The software also collect activity logging on disabled WiFi adapters and protection status events for the wireless computers that helps network administrators to track and maintain the software activity.

Wireless Protector key features:
Provides wireless auto switch protection.
Automatically disable WiFi when connected to LAN network.
Automatically re-enable WiFi when LAN cable disconnect from network.
Prevent WiFi network computers from using duplicate network resources.
Secure un-trusted WiFi connections from being used as bridge connections.
Enables automatic active protection re-scanning on WiFi network computers.
Enables automatic exporting capabilities to text file or SQL/Access ODBC databases.
Provides easy-to-use network administration interface.
Provides enhanced statistics and reports.

License: Shareware N/A
Size: 1.05MB
OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000
Publisher: Lan-Secure|www.lan-secure.com
Download Wireless Protector Enterprise 1.3


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